Laughter and science

Medical News Today writes about some of the science behind our bodies and laughter.  Tim Newman, who is fascinated by all things neural sites a study from the journal Cerebral Cortex.  Participants were tickled and either allowed to laugh, or not allowed to laugh as an MRI took images of the brain.

Newman's Article sites Bertrand Russell's quote about how laughter is one of the best medicine options for healing. Laughter helps keep people positive, which then affects psychology which then also affects our physiology. 

He even sites laughter yoga as a way to immediately increase mood, and decrease long-term anxiety. In another article, laughter has serious medicinal benefits, so much so that laughter is prescribed by doctors.  It might even be able to prevent cancer.

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Please stay tuned as I explore more about the healing power of laughter and how some giggles can actually improve your life!