Don't want to have a long clown visit?

NEW Spring 2015!

Have more of a "stage" type show, with a shorter visit. Half interactive, half exciting juggling and hula hooping show! Dancing and show ONLY. Balloon twisting or face painting extra, and not included in the 30 minutes.

Want to show your kids some exciting skills? Bring in BEE BEE Clown for 30 minutes to dance, sing and do a couple of "numbers" with juggling or hula hoop.

Want to show your friends something completely different? Bring in BEE BEE Clown to use her LED tools, Poi and Hula hoop for exciting evening or low light dance numbers. You could be the talk of the town!

Be creative, BEE BEE Clown with discuss options to make your party the most innovative experience!