Do you have a grand opening or reopening?   BEE BEE Clown can bring the fun to your marketing event.



Balloon twisting

Need a long list of balloon possibilities for your event?  BEE BEE Clown makes a wide variety of one-balloon and multi-balloon items!

Activities and face painting

BEE BEE Clown offers custom, super-fun musical activities that she has invented, for all ages. 


You don't need a DJ

BEE BEE Clown offers DJ service included in the price.

  • She brings a speaker
  • She brings 300 songs on an Ipod


You don't need a bouncy house rental

BEE BEE Clown's activities are designed to give your kids needed exercise and use their energy

  • Both adults and kids can enjoy and participate
  • BEE BEE Clown does all of the activities with the kids


Sit back and relax

By hiring BEE BEE Clown the adults can participate or sit down and have a moment of rest while the kids are having fun


Face Painting

BEE BEE Clown's face painting is non-toxic, professional grade.  her designs are simple, quick and beautiful


glitter tattoos

Professional grade glitter tattoos are fun for the entire family, they are water resistant and can last for up to a week


older kids can design their own party

Kids that are over the age of 8 or 9 can have input into the type of music that they want, the activities, and some of the specifics of their party


multiple languages

BEE BEE Clown is fluent in Spanish, pretty good in French, and uses language in her activities


BEE BEE Clown has traveled extensively and loves culture, which feeds a lot of her activities

coming soon

Each spring BEE BEE Clown offers new activities and ideas for your event


types of events

Birthday parties, festivals, cultural celebrations, bat mitzvahs, bar mitzvahs, weddings, singing telegrams, grand openings, reopenings, marketing events, day cares, schools, pre-schools, contests, car shows, food festivals, comedy festivals, showcases, mobile events, corporate events, small business events, stage shows, volunteer events, charity events, dog shows, circuses, demos, educational events, school assemblies, social media events, tech events, conferences, public speaking, and more!