Katy BEE's past projects include site-specific performances that have occurred in places like Maryland, Virginia, D.C., Michigan, Hawaii, California, Nevada, Florida, all over Europe, and Canada.


Current Project websites include: 




What she does

The character BEE BEE Clown brings activities, music, balloon twisting and face painting to parties. She has a large bank of activities that can include music, dance, tumbling, puppets, juggling, her own "Clown Kung Fu" that incorporates all the children into an improvised and empowering "kung fu" show for a willing audience.  Other characters are also available for the same activities.

If you are interested in a theme, she can create theme-related activities specific for your party. Please don't hesitate to ask! Lots of her activities include games with language and are improvised, so they are easy to mold to specific details.

If you were hoping for more specifics and a customized costume or experience, it can probably be done. Don't hesitate to call and discuss details.