Creepy clowns can't take away from the joy of clown entertainment!

Have you been affected by the recent creepy clown hysteria? Please don't be. Most of the allegations are unfounded, especially in the Washington DC area! The news is trying to help out by interviewing professional clowns to help sway the bad publicity. NBC4 has interviewed me and my reaction to the news. Please don't hesitate, call now, for the best entertainment around!  Even Hilary Lane from WUSA9 says I am "sweet and nice." LOL

Here is a link to NBC4's interview with BEE BEE Clown!


Time for a Singing Telegram?

Did you ever think of sending a singing telegram to a friend or family member on a day of celebration?  Katy BEE LLC, the umbrella company that offers BEE BEE Clown creates very customized singing telegrams! Sometimes a costume can even be created for your occasion if the company doesn't already have what you are looking for.

Singing telegrams are a short and sweet way to send a personalized, fun greeting to your special someone. You choose the music, whether lyrics are rewritten specifically for you, or not. You choose what the recipient gets as part of the greeting, and finally your message which is personally delivered in the way you would like it.

Singing telegrams create a lifetime of memories in numerous ways.  Katy BEE LLC likes to access memories of the recipient using sound and music, and then create new ideas that will last a lifetime!

If you have not considered it before, now is the time to bring on the fun with a customized, personalized singing telegram, like no one else offers! Give us a call and try us out, you won't regret it!

Exciting 2016 Clown News - Noticias de BEE BEE Clown 2016

2016 is the year that you hire the best entertainment for your event. This clown is an all-in-one entertainment machine. When you hire BEE BEE Clown you do not need a bouncy house, or other activities because kids and adults love BEE BEE Clown!  She will create the atmosphere that you, your friends, the kids, and everyone around will never forget.

2016 es el año para obtener la payasita mejor para vuestro evento.  Esta payasa es todo en uno machina de entertainment. Habla Español también!  Cuando elijes BEE BEE Clown, no se necesita nada mas durante el tiempo que esta alli, porque todos los niños y adultos aman a BEE BEE Clown!  Ella va a creer un energía que tu, tus amigos, los niños, y todos alrededor nunca van a olvidar!

Je Parle Francais!

Hire a high quality clown in 2016

I offer a Cirque-style juggling and hula hoop show that is exciting, fun and interactive.  Depending upon what you would like to have at your party, I offer face painting, glitter tattoos, DJ service, balloon twisting, play parachute and interactive musical activities!

Make sure you take advantage of this service! You won't regret it :)


Prices start at $275 for one hour. Call me to discuss options for your particular party!



Don't want to have a long clown visit?

NEW Spring 2015!

Have more of a "stage" type show, with a shorter visit. Half interactive, half exciting juggling and hula hooping show! Dancing and show ONLY. Balloon twisting or face painting extra, and not included in the 30 minutes.

Want to show your kids some exciting skills? Bring in BEE BEE Clown for 30 minutes to dance, sing and do a couple of "numbers" with juggling or hula hoop.

Want to show your friends something completely different? Bring in BEE BEE Clown to use her LED tools, Poi and Hula hoop for exciting evening or low light dance numbers. You could be the talk of the town!

Be creative, BEE BEE Clown with discuss options to make your party the most innovative experience!

Laughter does more than warm you up

So we all know that laughter is good for you.  I was wondering if laughter can formally actually warm you up, like on a frigid day in the middle of winter (sound familiar where you are?).  While throwing some choice phrases on Google, it seems that laughter can do far more than just warm us up on a cold day. 

Google says: Laughter can improve sex life, release endorphins, give us a belly workout, and help release stress.  Funny how that is exactly what I learned when studying for my Laughter Yoga Wellness Instructor certificate. Laughter is amazing medicine.

Winter getting you down? Laugh! Find a funny movie or story, or go do something goofy. Maybe it will help you feel better.

Is funny business good for you?

Here's a recent post on my wordpress blog about the health benefits of laughter! As a laughter yoga wellness instructor who has built the concept of laughter into my business, I agree. It makes a giant difference when laughter is added to my day, by me or someone else!  Read more about it!

Katy BEE offers original entertainment

Katy BEE and BEE BEE Clown offer original characters that take everyone into their imagination, to open souls and enable us to create our own story.  With interchangeable costumes, a huge variety of choices in activities, music, and options, and an experienced, fun and energetic attitude, you can't go wrong with this combination. Bring on the FUN with BEE BEE Clown and Katy BEE, and bring on an experience you and your guests will not forget.

Entertainment is available for kids and adults, ranging from comedy, juggling, dancing, ice-breakers, choreographed entertainers, balloon twisting, face painting, and glitter tattoos, to site-specific performance art and support for art events. 

Your organization cannot go wrong by hiring the BEST in customer service, empowerment driven, globally and culturally conscious entertainment.

Bring on the language, bring on the exercise, bring on the excitement, and bring on the most creative fun you will have all year!

How did I make such a great looking website?

I'm writing to share that I made my website with SquareSpace. They have a very intuitive interface, pleasant free and premier styles or templates, and have a lot of information about how to help increase traffic and improve your search engine optimization. I would like to share with SquareSpace a big thank you for making my web design experience so simple.  In terms of having many options, and possibilities for optimizing and working with the web, Squarespace does the job.  I used to be an HTML coder, and have made many websites from scratch. Squarespace made it easy to create not one website but two without having to code anything. If I want to use code, the choice is there. If I choose not to, then I don't have to.

Thank you Squarespace!

Introducing BEE BEE Clown's new website!

Welcome to the new BEE BEE Clown website!  Clients can contact me directly, or connect to booking websites like or  

It's been 4 years since I started this business in the Washington D.C. area and the metro area has been very good to me. I have truly enjoyed entertaining families from around the world! If you haven't had the experience of inviting BEE BEE Clown to your party for adults and/or kids, please do so. We will have a ton of fun and you will feel like your soul has been opened by the end :)

Thanks for booking BEE BEE Clown for your amazing event! 

Katy BEE