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Katy BEE LLC is the parent website of BEE BEE Clown and includes everything that the business offers for corporations, individuals and families.  Now located in Western Michigan, find your source of high energy, fun, and innovative entertainment.  Bring on more fun at the office to stimulate innovation, or hire a singing telegram to create a message for a loved one that will be unforgettable. Or bring in BEE BEE Clown to fire up your event. 

With new technology, and innovative ideas you will bring a creative consultant to your event planning that will be remembered for a lifetime. 

Check out for business solutions (costume not necessary but always fun.

One of her singing telegram recipients was 99 years old. He let his caretaker and wife know that BEE BEE Clown's visit was "one of the highlights of his life."

There is a reason that BEE BEE Clown has hearts all over her face. Because she is all heart!  

Call, text, or send an email for more information on how she can brighten up your day!

 BEE BEE Clown is now in Western Michigan - Hire your new entertainer

BEE BEE Clown is now in Western Michigan - Hire your new entertainer

BEE BEE Clown has moved to Western Michigan

BEE BEE Clown has moved to the Greater Grand Rapids area of Michigan. She is happy to service schools, parties, offices, and festivals around the Western Michigan area as well as the Northern suburbs of Detroit.  Please contact her for more information on how to make your event not only spectacular, but completely memorable. 

Bring in some fresh energy to the office for an impromptu dance party to help with innovation in the office!

Bring in a new show like the all LED Glow Show new for 2017 for your event!

Surprise a friend with a super fun singing telegram!

Bring on the fun with BEE BEE Clown or any of the other characters offered on this website or visit

 Let BEE BEE Clown bring some energetic fun to your party!

Let BEE BEE Clown bring some energetic fun to your party!

Hire BEE BEE Clown for a laugh

Need to have a giggle? The best place to find a good giggle is with BEE BEE Clown!  She has a long history of making kids and adults laugh. Not only with laughter yoga but with her shows too. Are you having a party and need some entertainment in the Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia,  Call BEE BEE Clown and have a great party experience.  

If you are in an office and just need a change, hire her for an Impromptu Dance Party, or a Singing Telegram.  Disrupt your day with some fun!

Want an innovative new idea? Have a glow party! Juggling with LED (light) objects and coming soon a digital programmable object that will be the talk of the town.

Spring is finally here, take the opportunity to book now, because time is of the essence.